The following procedures (and associated forms, if applicable) are available here:

Property Borrowing

(Revised March 2017)

Check the COR Property Inventory to see what is available.

  • Properties belong to Central Ontario Region Pony Club and are available for use by Branches in good standing only.
  • Properties are NOT to be loaned out to other than COR/ Branches for Pony Club Events.
  • Central Ontario Region Properties are covered under Canadian Pony Club Insurance to a value of $10,000, insurance is null and void if properties are loaned to other than COR Branches.
  • All property purchases must be approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Any New properties value is to be recorded by the Property Chair.
  • Property damage requiring repair or replacement must be reported to the Executive Committee.
  • Properties are to be kept in good working order.


  • Contact Property Chair at least two (2) weeks prior to the event.
  • Be specific with the items you are requesting
  • Arrange date and time of pick up
  • Pick up on time and arrange return date and time of items

Returning Items:

  • All items MUST be returned at least one (1) week following the event if not sooner
  • Any delay in return MUST be approved by Property Chair
  • All items must be returned in the same condition as they were picked up in
  • Any Branch borrowing the property will be responsible for repair or replacement of damaged property
  • Repairs or replacement must be done immediately
  • Damage must be reported to the Executive Committee immediately by the Branch and or Property Chair
  • Passing of equipment  directly on to another Branch or Event MUST be approved by Property Chair
  • Notify Property Chair immediately if batteries require replacement

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Publicity/Web Permission

      • COR Executive members and Branch DCs/ADCs are requested to give permission for the use of their name and address (preferably email) on our Pony Club Web pages for the purpose of providing a contact between the Pony Club and the public and as a contact for the other Pony Club members to get information about the discipline or Branch they are responsible.  If the Branch DC/ADC does not have email, an alternate Branch email contact is requested.

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Expense Reimbursement

An Expense Report form must be submitted to the Regional Treasurer, preferably with the associated invoices or receipts, for reimbursement of appropriate expenses.

To request National or International travel funding as noted below, a Travel Request form should be submitted to the appropriate Discipline chair who in turn should submit requests for eligible competitors to the Regional Treasurer prior to the Regional AGM for the year that the member funding is eligible.

Central Ontario Region provides a travel grant of $100
to members and chaperones traveling to any National or International event
not held in Central Ontario Region.

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