A foundation discipline for Pony Club, Rally encompasses the three disciplines of Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country. Added in competition is the aspect of Stable Management. Together, the four phases allow members to show off their skills as well-rounded riders and their knowledge of horsemanship.

A full description of Pony Club Rally is available at the discipline page of the CPC website: www.canadianponyclub.org/what-we-do.php?page=rallies.

Rally in Central Ontario Region

2014 C Rally

Working Rally

Working Rally is a popular weekend-long event that brings together members and their mounts at Saddlewood each spring. Riders have lessons in the flat, jumping, and the hunter ring or cross country schooling area. Stable management and hands-on horse care is an important part of the experience.

Working Rally 2015 with farrier

2015 Working Rally stable management session

Fun Rally 

COR members enjoy the annual Fun Rally event, hosted each year in early summer by Toronto North York Pony Club. This event allows riders to participate in Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross-country phases in a non-competitive format, each at the level of their choosing.

2022 Fun Rally Entry Forms

2014 fun rally kid with mom

Archived Results

A/B/C Rally

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D Rally

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