Each branch in COR presents their own education program. The region holds a variety of clinics, lessons and events to support branch activities and to meet the needs of our members.


Please evaluate the quality of information you find on the internet as well as in books, magazines, CD/DVD and television. Be sceptical – compare and contrast different resources – don’t assume what you find is correct. Consider the following when choosing resources:

  • Who created this information and why? Are they an expert or have they done adequate research?
  • Is the information biased? Does sponsorship impact the perspective of the information?
  • Has the information been reviewed by others to insure accuracy? Is this a primary or secondary source of information? Is there a bibliography of sources?
  • Is this information accurate? Is the source trust worthy? What’s the purpose of the information resource: to inform, instruct, persuade, sell?
  • Is the information current?
  • Is the information useful? Does the information contain the breadth and depth needed? Is the information accessible to members (reading level, pictures, charts)?

Adapted from “Teacher Tap: Evaluating Internet Resources 

CPC Documents

Education Documents

The Canadian Pony Club website’s Education pages have many well-presented resources that are relevant to members studying all levels. Click the title above. To access documents in the secure areas, use the password that is provided to branch and centre leaders.

  • C/D Testing Procedures
  • C/D Testing Procedures Requirements for Examiners, Candidates and Coaches
  • Checklist for first time candidates
  • A/B Testing Procedures
  • A/B Testing Procedures Requirements for Examiners, Candidates and Coaches
  • CPC Checklists
  • CPC Study Guides
  • CPC Instructors Guides

COR Materials

COR Education

COR and branch educational materials from past events are free to use but credit must be given to CPC and pages may not be altered.


The Horse

A searchable database of articles, videos and other content by a wide variety of contributors. Requires a free membership and login to read full text of most articles. Of special interest:

OMAFRA Horse Resource

Articles and information of interest to horse owners in Ontario. Of special interest:

  • Health Management and Biosecurity (

Equine Guelph

Providers of Equimania! in partnership with the OEF, and offer online courses toward certificate and diploma programs. Of special interest:

  • Horse Health Check – “How to” Directions (
  • Horse Health Check – Poster & Record Sheet (
  • Journey Through the Joints (

USPC Horse Management Articles

A large collection of lesson plans, worksheets, notes and flashcards for a variety of topics. Please note that the USPC levels are not necessarily the same as CPC (for example, US D1=CPC D, US D2=CPC D1, US D3=CPC D2).

American Association of Equine Practitioners Owners

A collection of articles and brochures for horse owners from US equine veterinarians.

National Farm Animal Care Council, Code of Practice for the care and handling of Equines

The Equestrian and Horse

A large collection of information in point form. Includes topics such as ailments (diseases), the bones of the skeleton, worms, etc.


Search capabilities and sources that include universities, extension offices, individuals and companies that provide equine products and services.


A company from Morgan Hill, California that provides veterinary information regarding diseases, medications, conditioning, teeth, first aid, etc. Of special interest:

  • Health Centres (
    “Articles written by healthcare experts relating to a specific area of equine health.” Be sure to check the Health Centres mini-sites in the categories menu for topics (behaviour, dental care, first aid, fitness and conditioning, general care, hoof care, lameness, nutrition).

McKee-Pownall Equine Services

  • Education – webinars and handouts on veterinary topics

Multi-Media Resources

The Glass Horse

Elements of the Distal Limb (CD)

An engaging interactive exploration of the equine distal limb that combines interactive models with narrations and highly informative animations. The interface allows manipulation of anatomical models in three dimensions. Price: $80.00 USD

Horse Owner’s Guide to Colic (CD)

Produced with the general horse community in mind from the same technology as the Equine Colic CD, this CD was developed to educate the horse owner or enthusiast about the dangers of equine colic. It contains interactive images and animations created from detailed 3D models depicting the normal abdominal anatomy as well as 9 of the more common types of colic. There are videos of a horse exam, frequently asked questions, clinical signs and much more. Price: $29.95 USD

Equine Colic (CD)

Suitable for veterinarians and industry professionals. Price: $180 USD

Digital Equus

Introduction to Equine Dentistry (DVD)

Designed for horse-owners, vet-students, pony-clubs, 4H clubs, and anyone with a genuine interest in equine anatomy. Introduction to Equine Dentistry delivers incredible digital visuals and straight facts about the importance of equine teeth. Experience real-time 3D motion of the chewing cycle and the aging process; witness live demonstrations of equine dentistry; and learn the latest developments in dental equipment and techniques.

  • Anatomy of the Skull and the Teeth
  • The Chewing Cycle
  • Aging Process
  • Incisor and Molar Malocclusions
  • A Guide to Age Indicators
  • Tooth Nomenclature
  • The Triadan System
  • Dental Examinations / Equine Dentistry

Incisor and Molar Malocclusions (DVD)

Volume 1 in the Seminar for Veterinarians DVD Series where real-time, 3D animation delivers unprecedented detail of equine pathology and the latest techniques in veterinary medicine for correction of dental malocclusions. Incisor and Molar Malocclusions guides the viewer through detailed oral examinations, corrective dental procedures on all major malocclusions, and the latest techniques in floating and incisor/molar cap removal.

  • Oral Examinations
  • Excursion to Molar Contact
  • Angle of Molar Occlusion
  • Incisor Malocclusions
  • Molar Malocclusions
  • Dental Equilibration
  • Floating Techniques
  • Incisor/Molar Cap Removal

Floating Theory (DVD)

Volume 2 in the Seminar for Veterinarians DVD Series builds upon the knowledge and concepts of Volume 1 by presenting an all-encompassing and intuitive floating manual for regular maintenance and advanced floating procedures. Each procedure is presented in a comprehensive step-by-step process that includes measurement, floating limits, and each stage of tooth removal. Using highly-detailed 3D technology, each sequence is brought to life with close-up, intra-oral views of the floating procedure progressing in real-time from start to finish.

  • Patient Preparation
  • Dental Examinations
  • Sedation Protocols
  • Floating Limits
  • Regular Maintenance Procedures
  • Incisor Malocclusion Procedures
  • Molar Malocclusion Procedures
  • Incisor / Molar Cap Removal