Karen Meuleman was a member of the Leitchcroft Pony Club branch who was part of a severe motor accident on her way to enter a dressage show in March 1989. This memorial award was created by the Leitchcroft Pony Club branch in memory of Karen. As the branch is now retired, due to the sale of the property known as Leitchcroft Farm, the branch gave the award to the Central Ontario Region.

Recipients of the award can be of any level within Pony Club and from any branch within the Region. The winner will be a member who best meets the ideals of Pony Club in his/her participation in activities, sportsmanship and effort, support of others and progress in riding and horsemanship during the current year. There is a trophy that will remain with the Region with a plate with the winner’s name engraved upon it. The winner will be presented with a commemorative gift and an award card.

Each branch, within the Central Ontario Region, can submit a nomination form and the Regional awards committee will select the most worthy nomination. The individual member thus selected will be notified.

Nominations are to be received by the Regional Chair, check COR Schedule for deadline. The award will be presented at the COR Awards Banquet or at the COR AGM.

(Use the following form or download the Word document version)