Local Pony Club Members Do Well At National Tetrathlon

Uxbridge-Scugog Pony Club member Luke Durward finished first in the Junior Men Division at the Canadian Pony Club National Tetrathlon, held last week at Cedar Peaks Farm near Cookstown, Ontario. In the Junior Women’s Division, Maple Pony Club member Amber Wavryk finished in a tie for third place.   Tetrathlon is a very demanding competition with four parts: swimming, shooting with air pistols, cross-country running and horse jumping (both stadium jumping and cross-country jumping). All the competitors in this event qualified for it by placing well in their own Regional Tetrathlons.

Sarah Doucette-Jackman, COR Tetrathlon Chair, writes, “Luke placed 1st overall in his division. His breakdown was as follows: Swim- 3rd, Shoot-1st, Run- 3rd, X-country-1st, Stadium- 2nd for an overall score of 3854 points.

“I am waiting to hear back from Grace and Amber Wavryk about the coin toss for her tie, but as it stands now she placed as follows: Swim – 4th, Shoot – 6th, Run – 11th, X-country – 10th, Stadium – 3rd for an overall score of 4151 points.

“Kaylin Nauta placed Swim- 17th, Shoot- 16th, Run- 10th, X-country- 15th, Stadium- 11th for an overall score of 2751 points.

“Natalie Waters placed Swim- 16th, Shoot- 10th, Run- 9th, X-country- 16th, Stadium- 16th for an overall score of 2547 points.

“The feedback I received from COR chaperones and coaches was all very positive. The accommodations and food were great and the International riding competition was very inspiring to our riders. Overall, Nationals was a big success.

Congratulations to all the competitors!”

We expect that full results will be posted on the national website.